Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Art and Design

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Fouad Ahmed Shallal AL-SAMARRAEE


The communicative and cultural achievement is represented by an activity with adopted formulas confirmed by compliance and flexibility that enables it to keep pace with the creative path in the age of infomedia and contemporary digital publishing programs. The explanatory space, in its intellectual and technical forms, is based on logical foundations that work on creating latent patterns and patterns that enhance the purpose of its existence. And the system in art in general and design in particular represents a mechanism for arranging work vocabulary on the basis of principles that usually refer to a system that checks the state of damage between the design work vocabulary. The system stems from those defects embodied in expressive formats that are linked to concepts and ideas through the organization of different vocabulary within the workspace that have specific characteristics that reflect a particular idea and are linked to the specificity of the required utilitarian functional nature. The lesson of the system is not only to reach the relationships that exist between the vocabulary in their embodiment of the concrete form, but it lies on a much deeper level than that, which is the level of significance. Where the formal characteristics of the product of organizational relations reflect patterns that often express their environment or are the result of those organizations with semantic reading, and the difference in the nature of the formulation of these organizations comes from the effect of the overlap of several different factors (cultural, social, religious, civilizational, functional). The design thought derives its primary material through this overlap to start the system according to the rational methods in the drafting process. To evaluate things and this is the rule of logic. From here the researcher sees that the principle of the system and its relation to the degree of formulation of the form, and the extent of variation of this formulation is due to the mental readiness in the process of organization and innovation, to be a specific formal inference related to its basic function and its structural composition in the designs of logos, so the idea of research and formulation of the research problem came according to the following question: Is there a role for the design system in formal inference in logo design? The importance of the research was formulated through: -Informing those interested in the design issue, for the purposes of developing the mechanisms of their technical work. -To benefit scientific and research institutions, as well as the press, publishing houses, and advertising agencies. The aim of the research lies in: Knowing the role of the design system in formal inference in the design of logos, and defining the limits of research, which lies in the objective limit: the design system and formal inference in the design of logos Spatial limit: some Examples of global logos that enhance the current research, And the time limit for the designed logos from (2019-2021), and definitions of the following terms were defined: design system and formal inference.. Key words:

Keywords: The Design System, Logo Design, Formal Inference