Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Literature

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Kifah Jumaah Hafth SABER


The concept of rooting and renewal in Arabic calligraphy is linked to the ‎calligrapher’s need to show new aesthetic methods, through formations and calligraphic ‎structures based on a single letter. The perceptual vision of the calligrapher, so this ‎research was concerned with studying the rooting and renewal of the rule of the single ‎letter in the formations of Arabic calligraphy in particular, which included four chapters, ‎the first chapter included the research problem, its importance, objectives, limits and ‎definition of its terms. ‎ As for the second chapter, it deals with tracing the concept of rooting and ‎renewal and its connection with the artist and the possession of the idea and the ability ‎to technical aesthetic expression, through the one-letter linear formations made by ‎calligraphers, relying on the spatial organization and choosing the appropriate letter for ‎the composition. The analysis concluded with a number of results that were devoted to the fourth ‎chapter, which showed rooting, renewal, acceptance of decorative and different ‎aesthetic formations in structural structures, and investing some characteristics of letters ‎to arrange and divide the linear structure into creative forms and structures.

Keywords: Contrasting, Formations‎,‎ Renewal.