Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Literature

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Hazim Mohammed HUSSEYIN ‎, Widaad Jasim MOHAMMED


Faruk Nafez Jamlibel is one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century. He was born in Istanbul ‎in 1898 and died in 1973 at the age of 75. Farouk Naviz Jamlibel‏ ‏wrote a part of the literary ‎collection "Five Parts" with Anis Bahish, Youssef Zia, Khaled Fakhri and Orhan Seif. He wrote ‎many outstanding poetic and theatrical works. In his poems, the writer used mostly syllabic meters. ‎The main feature of five-syllabic groups, which he already used within his poems, is that they ‎depend on syllabic meters. He used the syllabary very effectively in his poems. Because of his ‎contributions to Turkish literature, he has preserved his reputation even decades after his death. ‎Faruk Nafez Jamlibel has dealt with various topics in his poems such as death, longing, pain, ‎trouble, distress, anguish, anxiety, and homeland intensely and effectively. It also dealt with the ‎issue of homelessness, which is not without (devoid of) pain and hope. Through our research, we ‎have seen that one of the most important concepts used in Farouk Nafez Jamlibel's poems is ‎displacement (homelessness). Since there is no study in this field, we have identified the subject of ‎our study under this name, which expresses alienation, i.e. moving away from the homeland. The ‎research paper deals with a person who migrates to different and foreign cities and often faces ‎financial difficulties and bemoans deeply his original hometown. The subject of our research is ‎distinguished by the name of the concept of "expatriation in the poems of Farouk Nafez Jamlibel". ‎Therefore, it is natural for him to use the concept of homelessness in his poems. At the beginning of ‎the research, we worked to provide a comprehensive summary of the research topic. Then, we ‎briefly introduce Faruk Nafez Jamlibel's life, literary personality and works. Then, after a ‎comprehensive definition of the displaced person, we will try to give details about this topic in ‎Faruk Nafez Jamlibel's poems‎.

Keywords: Faruk Nafiz Çamlıbel, Literature, Hometown, Poetry, Han Duvarları, Anatolia‎‎.