Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 8   Area: Historical Studies

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Fatn Abd AL BARY


My research was marked (The city of Samarra under the Abbasid state, a bright history and immortal relics). The city of Samarra is considered one of the archaeological historical sites in Iraq. This city - with the testimony of ancient and modern sources, and the immortality of a number of its lofty monuments - played a dangerous role in the political and urban fields - throughout the era that I stayed there as the capital of the Abbasid state. Eight of the Abbasid caliphs settled in it, and its mother was scholars and writers. Every craftsman and artist differed in it, and it became - rightly - the first Abbasid city in various aspects of life. Which prompted me to choose this topic and write about it, because of my feeling and my feeling that this city has neglected its right, and has not prepared for it what it should have of study and investigation. I specify my studies either in the history of the city or its antiquities, but after reading it became clear to me that history is the immortalized antiquities, so this topic stopped me to research it. The basic structure of this research consisted of two sections preceded by an introduction and a preface and followed by a conclusion. The first topic came under the title (Samarra in the shadow of the Abbasid state), this research dealt with Samarra in the shadow of the Abbasid caliphs, showing the role of each caliph in this city. Part of its ruins are still tilted until today and the other part has been subjected to destruction and extinction, and then I ended the research with a conclusion in which I showed the most important findings of the research, including its adoption of the largest Islamic empire for half a century, that this city has a clear personality in the urban and historical fields, and it is the Islamic city Which was replete with many palaces and luxurious buildings in that era, it was able to occupy an important center for the duration of its stay as the capital of the Abbasids. And after I ask God Almighty that I have succeeded in presenting this topic in a satisfactory manner, for perfection is for God Almighty and from Him we derive help and success‎‎.

Keywords: Abbasid State, The City of Samarra, Immortalized Antiquities