Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Literature

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Hutham Badr HUSSEIN


(Parsons) defines the social system, of several definitions, and perhaps the clearest one is the one in which he believes that the social system is composed of two or more actors (individuals), each of whom occupies a distinct social position or and plays a distinct role, as it is an organized pattern that governs relations between individuals Or a network of interactive relationships that organizes their rights and duties towards each other, as it is a framework of common standards or values, as well as it includes different types of symbols and different cultural issues. While the novel is a very complex structure, and it is difficult to imagine that it was born with an individual invention and without a basis in the social life of the group, it is not possible to imagine that this complex form has no similarity or dialectical relationship between it and the social life of the heroes, this literary form depicts the daily relationship of people. And their different relationships with the society in which they live, the novel as seen by (René Girard) is what reveals the truth about man and reveals the inauthenticity of the human being. And if we know that some see that the literary creator is no less important than the social world, but that he surpasses him in many stages due to his delicate sensitivity and his ability to capture the parts of social life, the anatomy of individuals´ psyche, and to track the stages of social change and their implications for values and behavior And the directives, to what extent was the social system in Iraq able to maintain its social patterns, and what led to the collapse of that coherent system of social systems? And how was the Iraqi novel able to reverse this collapse in all its details? All this we will review in this research, which will be taken from novels published after 2003, material for it, and these narrations are: 1. The novel: Death in the Cherry the novelist Azhar Gerges. 2. The novel: The Killers, by the novelist Dia al-Khalidi. 3. The novel: the name on the soles, of the novelist Dia Jebili

Keywords: Social System , Azhar Gerges , Dia Al-Khalidi, Dia Jebili, War