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Basim Mohammed HABIB


The most important thing covered by our research entitled: “The Babylonian King Nabonaidh's Campaign on the Northwest of the Arabian Peninsula”: Presenting the reasons that led the Babylonian King Nabonaid to invade the northwestern Arabian Peninsula. The repercussions of the religious movement that Nabonaid wanted to spread the worship of the god Sin throughout his empire, or his need for a location away from his predatory enemies, or forces that support him in confronting them, as well as the economic importance of Tayma, especially as a trade route that the Babylonians seek to expand with the western regions After the Medes blocked them from the eastern and northern trade routes, their control over Iran and Asia Minor... etc of the reasons, the research also presented the progress of the campaign, and the most important areas that it reached, the most important centers of which are: Tema (Taima), iatribu (Yathrib), Hiibraa (Khaybar) and others These centers became important cities and towns after that, as the campaign left a number of monuments, the most important of which are: the inscriptions, whether on the obelisks or on the rocks, whose languages and fonts differed according to the background of their bloggers, and other remnants of this period. Mallah: A large well and remnants of a wall were found around the city of Tayma, with various archaeological finds and the remains of buildings whose function was not accurately identified, but it is likely that one of them was for a temple and another for a palace or an administrative building

Keywords: The Babylonian King Nabonaidh's Campaign, The Northwest of the Arabian Peninsula.