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The Professor Sheikh Sidi Muhammad Belkabir، may God have mercy on him (1911 AD - 2000 AD) is considered one of the most prominent contemporary scholars in Algeria due to his efforts during the Algerian liberation revolution and after independence in the field of teaching the Noble Qur’an, the Arabic language and various legal sciences, which contributed effectively to preserving the Algerian national identity and supplying mosques Algeria with imams, teachers of the Qur’an، and those in charge of education. And on the occasion of the death of the scholar, Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkabir, on the fifteenth of September, Algeria chose this day to be a national day of the imam of Algeria, as the president of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, signed a presidential decree that includes the demarcation of September 15 as a “national day for the imam" The latest issue of the Official Gazette No. 40 included Presidential Decree No. 22 -214 dated 8 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1443 corresponding to 8 June 2022. The demarcation of September 15 includes a national day for the imam. And it came in the speech of the President of the Republic on this occasion: “The demarcation of a day for the imam is a title of the meanings of gratitude، originality and loyalty, and its association with the death of one of the most prominent imams of Algeria, whose rich lives are full of lessons, and examples and sermons are taken from them, Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkabir, may God Almighty have mercy on him .. It is the title of acknowledgment of the merit to his family, as Sheikh Sidi Muhammad Belkabir, may God have mercy on him, was an extension of the chain of the honorable scholarly chain of transmission, which is embroidered with the likes of our masters: Prince Abdul Qadir, Ahmed Al-Tijani, Sidi Abi Madian Al-Ghawth, Al-Maghili, Al-Akhdari, Abd Al- Rahman Al-Tha’alabi، and Ibn Badis, Tfayyesh, al-Maqri, and other prominent imams who abound in the pages of scientific and cultural history in Algeria, and in many Islamic countries to which their scientific virtues extended According to the same decree، this day is celebrated every year across the entire national territory through various demonstrations and religious activities. In recognition of the imam's status and position and his scientific, cultural and social role in consolidating the bases of religious reference and strengthening national identity

Keywords: Allama Jazairi, Sheikh Belkabir, Teaching The Qur’an, Sharia Sciences