Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 5   Area: Higher Education Research

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Lamia Ali GUECHI & Bouba SAADANI


Teaching/ learning phonetics and phonology at university became indispensable because of the complexity of the French linguistic system. The majority of non native FFL learners make some writing mistakes as orally, where the most frequent those relating to homophones not verb and grammatical homophones which often reveal mark of inaptitude and incapacity observed at the level of the linguistic repertoire of the university audience. Our professional profile fosters future teachers intended for teaching at the primary level. We have decided to take a form of a dictation text. We based on homophones noun verb to know the cognitive skills of students. This work is intended as a reflection on the problems linked to the lexicon of FFL classroom and reuse of the teaching strategies to be followed to reinforce the learning of homophones for these students. The emphasis of the errors produced in the expression written, the most common grammatical homophones in dictation practice as well as we present the difficulties faced by these learners and the educational tools by the teacher to unite them in FFL class.

Keywords: Homophone/ Homonym, Grammatical Homophones, Lexical Homophones, The Didactics of FFL.