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Agricultural development gains its importance from the importance and vitality of the sector in which it operates. That sector is the first production field and the main source of capital accumulation and the liberation of the necessary manpower for the development of other economic sectors. At the same time, it is the main source of supplying national industries with what they need of raw materials. Therefore, agricultural development is the necessary introduction to achieve comprehensive development. It started from a problem that Iraq is a country rich in its capabilities and resources and has turned into a food importing country to meet its needs of essential commodities and no longer fills the requirements of local need. Therefore, the research hypothesis came to adopt contemporary concepts of agricultural reform and rebuilding relations Productivity and the use of contemporary technologies to achieve the desired agricultural development. The research aimed to reveal the provinces in which the cultivation of agricultural crops flourishes and the provinces in which agriculture of all kinds decreases and the reasons that led to that. And the detection of the factors that led to the lack of agricultural production and caused the deterioration of agricultural production in Iraq0 and provide solutions and proposals after knowing the problem and its causes. The research found that there are large discrepancies in agricultural production between the governorates. According to the capabilities of each governorate and what its natural and human conditions allow. And that there is a negative trend in agricultural production as a result of the high costs of fuel and energy used in agricultural production, the high costs of tillage, harvesting, maintenance, and the entry of imported goods into Iraq. The study, especially the spatial data, was supported by maps, and it was used mostly in drawing it according to the technique of logarithmic analysis, which was commensurate with the distribution of data for this research. Modern drawing based on latitude and longitude .

Keywords: Agricultural Development, Sustainable, Iraq.