Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Religious sciences

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Dr. Fatma AL-NAIMI


The research deals with the study of Surat al-Shura, an analytical rhetorical study, and the linguistic root of its title indicates its manifestation, presentation, and extraction. In Islam and teaching Muslims to base their lives on this optimal and most complete approach (the method of shura) because of its great impact on the life of the individual and society. It was added in its opening with (Ham) other letters, which are (Asq), and for this reason it is also called (Ham Asak) and is called (Surat Asq) for the purpose of abbreviation, and it was singled out as adding (Asq) to (Ham) because of the severity of the stabbing against the Qur´an. At the time this Surah was revealed, the challenge to them was more severe, so it was more challenging for them than the letters of the spelling. The surah was distinguished by its miraculous rhetorical style, and the abundance of various rhetorical arts in its verse systems. The rhetorical study of this Surah aims to note that the rhetorical arts embrace the ideas and topics presented in a harmonious manner, and how these ideas and themes are manifested through those arts with inspiration, vitality and power of influence, for rhetoric means fulfilling the meaning and abstaining from beauty, that is, the artistic and psychological aesthetic capacity in it, especially since this Surah may She revealed the call during her Meccan era. The research aims to reach an understanding of the aspects of the rhetorical miracles of the Holy Qur´an. The statement of the Qur´anic expression often affects the formula and its derivation. The research relies on the approach of the inductive approach, by following the Qur´anic verses related to this topic in letter and spirit. And the rhetorical analytical method, by analyzing these verses and dividing them according to their content; And the deductive approach, by extracting the rhetoric, meanings, connotations and directions in the noble verses. In the end, I concluded that reaching an understanding of aspects of the rhetorical miracles of the Holy Qur´an can only be achieved through an understanding of the rhetorical method based on deep consideration, feeling and artistic appreciation of the Qur´anic verses.

Keywords: Surah, Shura, Study, Rhetoric, Analysis.