Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Sociology

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Magda Hamid KAMBASH, Nidal Fadel ABBAS, Esraa Fadel ABBAS


The use of modern teaching strategies aims to develop the practices of ‎female learners inside and outside the classroom, which contributes to ‎changing the role of the student from a negative role to a positive role in ‎general. Therefore, learning strategies have become involved in the ‎application of many educational and teaching programs and curricula, as ‎they greatly help in conveying information to the learner. With less ‎effort and time, except that the material to be learned is theoretical or ‎practical. In light of what the current era is witnessing of a huge ‎knowledge explosion and a wide technological revolution that covered ‎various areas of life, it has become necessary for researchers to be ‎interested in searching for ways to ensure the development of thinking ‎among learners, which is one of the foundations of correct learning, ‎some strategies, means and methods used in the learning process help. ‎To bring the learner to a stage where he can access knowledge on their ‎own by applying that knowledge and using it to overcome the problems ‎they face in their daily lives. He has to use different and multiple ‎methods and methods, and this requires him to be familiar with how ‎learning takes place, and how the teaching methods and means used ‎affect the speed of achieving the goal of the learning process and the ‎success of applying the educational curriculum and achieving its goals‏.‏ One of the features of the modern era is technological progress in ‎various fields and situations of life, as rapid change has become a feature ‎of the era in which we live. There is no doubt that its use affects all ‎aspects of life, including education and teaching, and with this clear ‎progress in the level of mastery of learning skills in sports events around ‎the world, it has become necessary to use learning strategies in ‎programs and curricula for teaching and teaching physical education and ‎learning basic skills for all games and events Sports, including volleyball‏.‏ The researchers found the lack of use of modern strategies in the ‎educational process, and despite their active role in learning basic skills ‎using modern methods, it requires the presence of exercises that ‎contribute to learning basic skills in volleyball, whose weakness emerged ‎from the research sample, which casts a clear shadow on the ‎performance and levels of learners. The aim of the research is to prepare ‎special exercises According to the brain-based learning strategy in ‎learning some basic volleyball skills for students of the second average, ‎and to identify the effect of special exercises according to the brain-‎based learning strategy in learning some basic volleyball skills for ‎students of the second average, and to identify the preference of the ‎experimental and control groups in learning some basic volleyball skills ‎for female students. The second is average. The researchers used the ‎experimental approach for the experimental and control groups, and the ‎research sample was represented by (30) students, then the sample was ‎divided into an experimental group of (15) female students and a control ‎group of (15) female students.

Keywords: Special Exercises, Brain-Based Learning Strategy, Basic Skills.