Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Area: Religious sciences

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ALLAH has honored Arabic for preserving the Qur´an for it, and it is miraculous in its statement, wording and saying, and the Qur´an expression is based on semantic patterns that constitute as a whole the unity of the Qur´anic discourse unique in its composition and miracle. I was concerned with the study of the specialization of expressions in their homeland from the Qur´an context exclusively. From the positions in which the context (the gift) was mentioned, and after observing all the citizen and identifying the contexts that contained the gift, the effort devoted himself to the semantic pattern that concerned the verb with its revelations in order to reveal its truth and reveal its identity, and to explain the use of the word in its context and its harmonious and consistent relationship in order to show textual coherence between the signifier And its significance in its functional interrelated relationship between the context and the word gift, in conformity with the documented intent intended in the general verse, The study presented the views of commentators and linguists in its homeland, then the researcher directed the linguistic saying to clarify the situation, clarify the significance and reveal the harmony of the Qur´anic discourse, the location of the study according to the semantic pattern of the gift in the Qur´an.

Keywords: Gift, Pattern, Connotation, Context.