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Suzan Muhammad HUSSEIN SALEH


The current research aims to find out the extent to which science books for the intermediate stage include scientific values for the academic year 2020/2021. For the purpose of achieving the goal of the research, a list of the main scientific values and their sub-indicators to be included in the science books for the intermediate level was prepared after the researcher reviewed a set of educational basics and previous studies related to the current research which helped in preparing a list that included (10) main scientific values and (39) behavioral indicators distributed on the main scientific values in their initial form. To be sure about this list, it evaluated by special experts. On their recommendations, two scientific values and their behavioral indicators were removed and some amendments were made to the list, so that the list consisted of (8) main scientific value and (31) behavioral indicators in its final form. After verifying the validity of the research tool, the reliability of the tool was extracted through an analysis of (20%) of the pages of the research sample to be analyzed, and the calculation of the percentage of agreement between the researcher and himself over time, as well as between the first analysis of the researcher and another analyst and between the second analysis of the researcher and the other analyst by using (Holsti) equation, and then presenting the analysis sample and the results obtained to two specialized experts, and after confirming the characteristics of the psychometric tool, the content of science books for the intermediate stage was analyzed in the light of the list of scientific values, and among the most important results that were reached: 1- Proposing eight scientific values. They are: curiosity, scientific honesty, acceptance of criticism, and patience in making judgments, ethics of science, scientific thinking, appreciation of science, and appreciation of scholars. 2- The behavioral appearance (attention to new attitudes) came to the scientific value of curiosity in: - A- The content of the science book for the first intermediate grade, with a total of (104) iterations and a percentage rate of (13.38%), ranked first. 1 Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2023 643 Through the conclusions reached, the researcher presented a set of conclusions, recommendations and suggestions (proposals).

Keywords: The First Intermediate Grade , Scientific Values