Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 8   Area: Historical Studies

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In this article, we aim to introduce the most prominent thinkers who emerged from the medieval period - the Christian fathers - and he is St. Augustine (354-430 AD), the most important philosophers and thinkers representing moral thought and one of the most prominent who occupied the moral problem. St. Augustine is a central figure in Christianity and the history of thought. Western alike, his name has dominated Western thought, and has not lost its luster to this day. St. Augustine immortalized his name in world history thanks to his political, religious and intellectual ideas. He is a religious man. He has his position and is revered and appreciated throughout the Christian world, especially in the world of thought. Therefore, there is no doubt that the stations of his life, his intellectual sources, and his sayings have weight, value, and influence, and a sense from us of this. Weight and Impact We saw that we take up this great character. In this research, we want to shed light on the personality of St. Augustine, who represented the Christian thought in that era, trying to focus on his life's path, highlighting the most important major milestones in his life and his intellectual sources‎‎.

Keywords: The Middle Ages, Augustine, Berber, His Life, Confessions