Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Geography

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Mouatez ATTIK & Amel NOUARI


This research paper aims to understand the existing relationship between responsible communication as a new vision and ecological citizenship as an environmental, social and development demand for institutions, to confront the growing environmental problems, and the stakes they carry with them that constitute a real challenge to all countries of the world, including Algeria. So we aim at this work, to highlight responsible communication as a basis for building a working ground that takes into account the environmental and social aspects, in order to establish the values of ecological citizenship and to devote participation in the promotion and improvement of environmental awareness to achieve sustainable growth that respects the environment and takes into account its capabilities. The paper concluded that responsible communication is a solid strategic approach to building a coherent environmental awareness that is a starting point for bringing out an effective ecological citizen, and it is also one of the most effective mechanisms in rationalizing individuals' dealings with the environment and its issues, within the framework of what we can call environmental education

Keywords: Responsible Communication, Environmental Communication, Responsible Environmental Communication, Ecological Citizenship