Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Geography

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Dr. Suheir Ibrahim HACHIM


A progression of different variables, for example, constraint of fossil fuel assets, negative effects on environment. Fossil directly or indirectly costs energies, political question and their consequences for providing feasible energy are among the reasons which have made numerous government officials, energy and environment specialists move toward the advancement of a cutting edge structure. This is to secure supply of energy, environment assurance and productivity change of energy frameworks. In addition, environmental degradation and the unsustainability of the use of natural resources will lead to increased difficulties for governments and the international community in addressing development challenges, and because the world population is expected to reach (9.7) billion people by the year 2050, in the midst of a situation that is also diminishing. Sources of energy, water and food in the world. Subsequently, most nations have started to understand that the requirement for manageability in energy creation and utilization is altogether crucial. Thusly, following the advance of manageability is basic. with the increasing global awareness of environmental issues, and the realization Everyone that it is necessary to preserve the planet and to take into account the environmental aspects in the use of conventional energy of all kinds, such as natural gas, coal or petroleum, as it is the main cause of pollution of the elements of the environment, as well as classifying traditional energy among the depleted resources that cannot be compensated. Therefore, many countries have paid attention to providing an alternative component of energy, which is renewable energy, which varies to different sources, from solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, and other renewable energy sources, and the extent of its contribution to supplying the world with alternative energy and its ability to continue to flow, And also the extent of its potential in achieving sustainable development, achieving prosperity in society, and the future of the world. The point of this paper is to introduce an arrangement of markers for internationally, in view of the Helio International Sustainable Energy Watch (SEW) markers, that demonstrates to track advance toward maintainability in the energy area.. The goal of present work is to highlight key difficulties about the improvement of renewable energy and strategy system prerequisites for accomplishments of maintainable energy in World

Keywords: Sustaınable, Envıronment, Renewable Energy Economıcs.