Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 5   Area: Linguistics

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Dr. Khalid Ahmed Hassan AHMED


This study aims at surveying some verses of the Holly Qur'an and equating them with some aspects of the scientific physiological makeup of the human body. The previous research projects have concentrated on the physiological aspects of human speech uniqueness neglecting the religious aspects that make human speech and language a divine privilege that distinguishes human beings from other creatures. We believe that a review and analysis of the verses of creation in the Holly Qur'an will support the hypothesis that human speech and language is unique in terms of this upright creation which is needed to fulfill the religious obligations and to comprehend these religious teachings. Furthermore, the review of the scientific physiological makeup of the human organs of speech in particular will support the religious aspects of the study. To process this study first an intensive survey over the concerned Qur'an verses of creation and language endowment then some correlation between these reviewed verses and the studies in the physiological makeup of the organs of speech will be made. The qualitative content analysis approach will be followed for data collection, analysis, interpretation and discussion.

Keywords: Language Uniqueness, Supremacy, Upright Creation, Animal Communication, Honor, Vicegerent, Soul Blowing.