Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: International Relations

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Mohammed Abdulhamza KHAWAN


Kuwait, as a political entity was established in in the beginning of the ‎‎18th century, where Al-Atob tirbes descended form Inza tribe settled in ‎it. The ruling family of Al-Sabah has emerged in Kuwait. The dynasty ‎of that family ruled Kuwait since mid of 18th century when sheikh ‎Sabah bin Jabir ruled during the period (1752- 1764) till the sheikh ‎Nawaf Al-Jabir Al-Ahmed Al-sabah who ascended to power on 29 ‎Sep. 2020.‎ The system of rule in Kuwait based on Shura until 19th century, ‎where the rule depended on British support. This kind of support has ‎led to the emergence of opposing political movements. These political ‎movements developed with the political, economic, and social ‎transformations in Kuwait and the world. Demands of the political ‎movements have been met by establishing legislative and consulting ‎councils including the counseling council in 1921 and the legislative ‎council in 1938.‎ All these developments paved the way to make the prince of ‎Kuwait announced the decree No. 25 1961. This decree enacted the ‎election of legislative council, which held its first sessions on 10 Jan. ‎‎1962. Kuwaiti constitution was issued in 1962, which organized the ‎three authorities. Kuwait has faced several changes, Iraq invasion in ‎‎1990, US invasion to Iraq in 2003, Arab spring events in 2010-2011, ‎war in Yemen, and Saudi-Qatar crisis. The political system of Kuwait ‎deals with all these changes wisely, which helps the continuity of this ‎regime, and maintains Kuwaiti sovergnity and unity.‎ Key words:

Keywords: Regional Changes, Their Effects, Kuwait.