Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Literature

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Qusay Fadel AL-KHATIB


The pure spiritual experience affected by the spirit of Islam and its purity appeared in the poet Qurashi hermit, modernist, jurist, and preacher, and he was Urwa bin Uthaina. Madinah, he was in good contact with the Umayyads and the supporters of Abdullah bin Al-Zubayr, he chose not to play with politics or play with it, because he had a clear commitment to poetry, especially what was from it in spinning. He did not only say poetry, but he was making melodies and dissolving them for others to sing, and at the same time he was composing and arranging the sung poetry, as far as we know that the singer Ibn Aisha asked him for verses in jest. Where do you say? There are a number of singers who praised his poetry and sang a lot about it, and in the Book of Songs there are many voices of his poetry, and some hadith books devoted pages to him according to what is known from the science of wound and modification by Ibn Hatim and the great history of Imam al-Tabari and acceleration of benefit by Ibn Hajar alAsqalani and among the most famous who narrated from him Abd Allah bin Omar and Obaid Allah bin Omar (may God be pleased with them) as narrated by Imam Malik (may God have mercy on him). Here he presents us with a flirtatious text that is unique in its kind and pious in its performance, and begins with a clear mobilization, because it obeys the sea and the rhyme, and the poem starting is an equation of a true love experience that he embraced and tortured with, either he lived it, or from a figment of the imagination, or he was tormented with this love because there was no matter His heart is something, but he is on his piety and piety. He lived in a society that could not comprehend his position on this love, and for this he had to deal with what he calls (covering), but that his beloved herself fears for him, so she addresses him by doing the matter (hiding) that he loved in his own way. Our poet has loved a pure and chaste love, rather he has risen above the lover when he has not made himself known and who he loves. Love for him - as it is said - is a test and a test from God for people to take themselves with the obedience of those they love, and to be an entrance to a greater love that is the love of God Almighty, and perhaps this confirms it History is ours, and it does not stop us with the one who loves a name or attributes, for it is a state that was expressed as “seeing light for light in light.”

Keywords: Poem Urwa Bin Uthaina, Purity of The Spiritual Experience