Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Literature

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Sawsan Saeb AL-MAADIDY


This research comes to deny the saying that Arabic poetry in the seventh century AH had weakened or apathy, especially since this time period was fraught with serious political events that led to the fall of the Abbasid state, and to accompany this fall was many dangers on the aspects of social, political and literary life in the Arab world. Thus, we find that there is a revival for many poetic purposes, including asceticism, mysticism, describing nature in cities and others, in addition to this, prominent poets appeared in this regard, including Al-Busairi, Ibn Al-Farid, Shams Din Al-Kufi and others who enriched the literary life in their collections and the hunt for their poetry.

Keywords: Arabic Poetry, The Medieval Era, Poetic Purposes, The Development of poetry.