Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Religious sciences

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Abdel Qader NOURI FAZA


The people of the solution and the contract are the elite who rose up in politics, controlled its aspects and corrected its crookedness. They are the ones who took the initiative in evaluating the performance of the ruler and removing him if necessary. They are the ones who pledge allegiance to him, and they are the ones who renew the pledge of allegiance to his crown prince and they are the ones who take upon themselves the care of the nation’s interests and they do not deviate from that. They are the ones who are followed in the nation, who possess its trust and approval for what they are known for of piety, justice, sincerity, integrity, good opinion, knowledge of matters and concern for the nation’s interests. society, ensuring its safety, protecting its stability, preserving its egg, and protecting it from any corruption that may occur to it, starting from the ruler to the ruled; Therefore, this system has created for us a group of people of solution and contract who are like a lifeline and lifeboat in the shadow of the seas of temptation that surround the nation and the eyes of the enemies that lurk in it and await its downfall. We say that the people of the solution and the contract in our present time are the representatives elected by the people to carry out the tasks of the nation and to monitor the work of the government and hold it accountable if necessary. Which is held by the Imamate and then detail in the dispute and weighting.

Keywords: People of Solution and Contract, Allegiance, Jurisprudence Studies.