Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Historical Studies

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Sahira Hussein MAHMOUD


Most researchers focus on the land wars of the conflicting countries in ‎ancient, contemporary, or modern history, which gives naval battles and ‎their effects a second role in the causes of victory or defeat. Ottoman naval ‎power and its battles are no exception. Through my study of most of the ‎Ottoman wars in the ancient Ottoman and modern Turkish sources, I found ‎that the impact of naval warfare is no less important than land wars, ‎although they were not the direct causes of victory or defeat. Therefore, my ‎research came to show the naval battles of the Ottoman Empire and to shed ‎light on their causes and consequences. ‎

Keywords: Ottoman Empire , Ottoman Wars , Ottoman Navals This Humble Research Includes An Introduction, Two Axes‎.