Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Language Teaching

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Dr. Mohamed Saeb KHUDAIR


Believing in our Arab heritage that our Arab heritage needs a second reading that shows its creativity and originality, we chose the story of Hayy Bin Yaqzan, which is considered one of the important literary texts in Andalusia, and many scholars considered it a message that others promised to be a story, and for the purpose of proving that it is a message or a story, we chose to apply narration techniques to it And the other thing is to prove that the stories of ancient Arab literature contain all the elements of narration that Western literature has talked about, meaning that our literature and our writers know these techniques, even if they are without theorizing them, as the West did. The research is divided into several axes: Who is Ibn Tufail? - What is the neighborhood of Bin Yaqzan? What is the purpose of the story and the scholars' opinions about it? - The elements of narration in the story of Hayy bin Yaqzan, which we gave a brief discussion of the meaning of narration and its elements in general and its elements in the story of Hayy bin Yaqzan in particular, and we have dealt with the elements of narration from an event, character, time and place in it, dialogue, style, description and conflict. We support what Muhammad Rajab Bayoumi said in his book (Andalusian Literature: Between Influence and Influence, p.137) "The story of Hayy Bin Yaqzan did not take its full share of analysis and clarification." In conclusion, we hope that we have succeeded in presenting a comprehensive summary of our topic, and that it be in the service of our Arabic literature and scholars.

Keywords: Narration Techniques, Ibn Tufail, Hay Bin Yaqzan, Story.