Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 8   Area: Historical Studies

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Mohammed Yassin AL MASHHADANI


That money and wealth in the thought of Ibn Khaldun had deduced it from Islamic ‎economic thought, so he relied on the Holy Qur´an and the honorable Sunnah of the ‎Prophet, and that money in Islamic Sharia is the provision that God Almighty brings ‎to his servants, he did not specify the way he commanded his servants, but said: (God ‎provides for whom He wills without reckoning), and since Ibn Khaldun divided this ‎money and wealth in the way he saw it, he made the owners of prestige more money ‎and wealth, and those who lacked prestige are less money and wealth, and that this ‎division classified society into a wealthy owner and some of them are less than that ‎and some of them live the subsistence limit of The livelihood, those who have high ‎positions in the emirate and the Sultan are the owners of money and wealth and those ‎who are less than them work in trade, and these are business owners but they do not ‎have the prestige that earns them money, and those who work in the Imamate, oratory ‎and fatwas are less fortunate than others in earning money and wealth, and God ‎Almighty. I know that‎‎.

Keywords: Ibn Khaldun, Money, Wealth, Prestige‎.

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