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Turks and Arabs had a common historical heritage after the collapse of the Ottoman empire and the formation of national states. The cultural uniqueness of the Arab and Turkish people was revealed. Translation is one of the most effective tools that requires establishing a communication and interaction bridge between them. This research aims to focus on Muhammat Hakki Sucin's translation of Arabic-Turkish languages and present his translated works. It also focuses on the academic and vocational training of the translator and aims at the developmental impact on his/her experience. This experience was based on his mastery of the Arabic language and direct translation from it. The first topic dealt with the cognitive and professional formation of the translator. The second topic deals with his translations from Arabic to Turkish. The third issue deals with the translations from Turkish to Arabic. This research adopts an open method evaluated by analysis and comparison. Finally, this research ends with the most important results.

Keywords: Arabic language, Turkish, translation, Mohammad Hakki Suchin.