Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 3   Area: Sociology

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Pro. Dr. Ywuoz JAMAL & Dr. Dalal Hassan KADHİM


The research aims to study ways of measuring sustainable development goals that are determined in four main dimensions: economic, social, environmental and institutional. Some countries and institutions have resorted to developing transactions or special evidence to measure the achievements of sustainable development, especially for the dimensions that overlap with each other in order to truly measure them. As each guide includes a number of indicators that are derived from the goals of the sustainable development process to measure the degree of achievement in these goals, The most prominent of these are improving the quality of life, optimal use of resources, introducing modern technology, increasing the awareness of the population about the importance of the environment, and achieving economic and social justice and others. The main research problem included what are the goals, dimensions and principles of sustainable development? What are the most important indexes and indicators to measure the achievement of the sustainable development goals? The hypothesis answered the questions of the research problem that there are several goals for sustainable development, the most prominent of which is achieving a better quality of life for the population and protecting the environment. The dimensions of sustainable development were represented in four aspects: economic, social, environmental and institutional. There are also a large number of indicators to measure the extent of achieving the sustainable development goals.

Keywords: Sustainable Development, The Goals, Indicators, Dimensions of Sustainable Development.