Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Law

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Layth Kadhim ABBOODI, Haider Ars AFEN


The trial is one of the most important roles of the criminal case, as the case in this role has entered its final stages, and the judiciary will say the final word in it, and since the judicial ruling is the title of the truth, rather it is the truth itself. Ordinary or unusual ways to appeal. Appealing judgments represents the last resort for the litigants to achieve justice and equity by fixing the defective consequences of the judgment, which affects the rights of the litigants. During the appeal, as specified by law. Freedom and human dignity is the ultimate goal that the legislator seeks to preserve. He sought to achieve the right and achieve justice by addressing the defect in the judicial ruling and correcting it in order not to harm one of the litigants in the criminal case. Therefore, he identified the ways and means for his authority to correct the judicial decision issued by challenging it with someone The methods of appeal stipulated by the criminal legislator, which are either ordinary or extraordinary methods.

Keywords: Criminal Judgments, The Trial, Appealing Judgments