Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Media and Communication

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Zohor Ateeg ALGMATY


The research aims to study the concept of hate speech and explain the ‎role of the media in promoting it, and to clarify the extent of its ‎impact on the internal conflicts in countries, especially the third world ‎countries, including what happened in Libya, and to find ways and ‎internal and international means to combat it, and to address the ‎results caused by media hate speech from aggravation Civil wars in ‎recent years, spreading strife among the people of the same country ‎through it, and instability of international peace and security, as hate ‎speech and the Libyan media’s control over it by promoting it is still ‎one of the biggest problems and challenges facing the stability of ‎countries that suffer from internal conflicts and the international ‎community As a whole.‎ Through the research, we will show the results arranged by ‎hate speech in the media and its contribution to fueling internal ‎conflicts in countries that suffer from civil wars and internal conflicts, ‎studying the extent of their impact on it, and finding solutions to ‎address it and combat corruption in this regard, to ensure the stability ‎of international peace and security in the future, to build peace the ‎international community and to promote and achieve the 2030 ‎Sustainable Development Goals.‎

Keywords: Media Hate Speech, Sustainable Development, The Libyan Audit ‎Bureau, Internal Conflicts, Combating Corruption‎.