Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 8   Area: Historical Studies

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He learned in the corner of the children of Sheikh Boudaoud (Daoud Al-Din) , ‎then moved to the corner of Sheikh Bin Ali Al-Sharif in Jabal Akbu, then he ‎moved to the corner of Sheikh Muhammad Abu Al-Qasim (Al-Hamil) to ‎study jurisprudence and monotheism and obtained a Certificate of principals in ‎jurisprudence and monotheism, especially the obligatory duties, then he ‎worked as an employee in the children's house of Sidi Sheikh Bin Al-Nazir ‎‎(Positively). He also worked as a teacher for a long time and called for building ‎schools and built some of them with his own money. He moved in many parts ‎of the country, performed the Hajj pilgrimage in 1935 AD, and during his ‎travels, he became acquainted with scholars. Evacuated like the leader Husseini, he was influenced by Imam Abdul Hamid ‎bin Badis and his case, he was exposed to several harassment by the colonial ‎authorities during World War II because of his activities in the Association of ‎Scholars Muslims and his land was confiscated and he was prevented from ‎practicing his activity, until the glorious liberation revolution broke out in ‎which he participated in it with all his might, despite his advanced age, he was ‎imprisoned in 1955 AD, and was martyred on April 24, 1959 AD by firing ‎squad.‎ Shot with his brothers the 74 martyrs in the battle of Kingfisher Mansoura. He ‎left one son and six daughters. The researcher who wrote the article is the ‎granddaughter of the martyr Allama to his eldest daughter, Lalla Barakam, born ‎in 1926 in Mansoura, Wilayat of Bordj Bou Arreridj, may God have mercy on ‎him, may his soul rest in peace, his immaculate body is buried in his hometown ‎in the village of Ahl Al-Hamra district of Mansoura. He also left in the cultural ‎field a rich library and manuscripts in Islamic jurisprudence and ordinances‎‎‎.

Keywords: Hajj Ali Makki, Martyrs of the Revolution, March of Science and Jihad