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Samira Salem Ahmed ATEEQ, Najia Mohmmed KHALIFA


Manuscripts are among the primary primary sources that enable the researcher to study history as a way to preserve what the Arab mind has produced. The study and investigation of the manuscript discovers the researcher's contributions to civilization, which began at an early age during the Arab rule. The realization and publication of the manuscript makes it easier to translate it, know its contents, and benefit from it, as the Arab government witnessed a wide activity after the emergence of the printer, and the translation of many manuscripts. The investigation process combines two contradictions; The ease of work and its difficulty inherent in the obstacles that the researcher finds, which is summarized in the spatial dimension between the investigator and the location of the manuscript, and in the difficulty of finding and verifying other copies of manuscripts, as well as the difficulty of achieving texts in the manuscripts themselves. As for ease; It is the scientific pleasure that the investigator finds as a result of the investigation and this is due to the embrace of a group of sources in various other sciences, and the enrichment of the valuable scientific information that contains the manuscript. As for what this paper contains, what are the manuscripts and their importance, and it contains the definition of manuscripts, the parts of the manuscript, their types, and their cultural and intellectual importance. As well as the way to benefit from them, the conditions of investigation, the stages of investigation, the difficulties of investigation, the ways to treat them and the way to benefit from the manuscripts. The manuscripts also reveal the paths of scientific and intellectual exchange between nations and the images of influence and influence on the books produced by human minds. The importance of the investigation lies in preserving the nation’s heritage, highlighting the historical cultural heritage produced by historians over the years and investing it by modern technological means to spread knowledge and benefit.

Keywords: Manuscripts, The Importance of the Investigation, Investigation Process.