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Sukaina KAREEM


The right of life and bodily integrity of, in addition to the right ‎reputation, is one of the most important rights attached to the ‎personality of a person, whoever this person is, male or female, but ‎recognizing and implementing this seems more important to people ‎than others, and we mean by them those who are vulnerable to ‎violating their rights Because of their gender, which may appear ‎clearly for women in many cases, women may be exposed to various ‎risks of assault on their personal rights, as they are exposed types ‎of attacks and violence directed against them. Domestic violence in ‎Iraq is not a contemporary issue, but rather a phenomenon that has ‎historical implications. It was associated with the pressures of life ‎and with the values and traditions based on the masculinity of ‎society in all its fields, and its manifestations extended and ‎worsened over time. For decades, the Iraqi family has suffered from ‎fragile, turbulent and insecure environmental conditions, which made ‎it a fertile place for the emergence and growth of new forms of ‎violence in both the family and society. Especially after June 2014 ‎when Iraq resist a series of deteriorating situations, which was ‎represented by the terrorist organizations controlling more than a ‎third of the area of Iraq, and the subsequent waves of displacement ‎of more than 4 million people, and a rise in unemployment rates that ‎reached 28% in 2017, and a rise in Poverty rates reached 41% in ‎areas that came under the control of terrorist organizations. The ‎spread of extremist ideology based on a misunderstanding of the ‎tolerant spirit of Islamic law and the attempt to push the sectarian ‎soul with regard to women’s rights and protection through what is ‎enshrined in Article 41 of the Iraqi constitution as it is an article that ‎affects the rights of Iraqi women and seeks to obliterate the Iraqi ‎identity and seeks to establish sectarian sectarianism and according ‎to the justifications and justifications The proposed supporter of this ‎point of view, and since this matter provokes the entity of every ‎individual and citizen who clings to his patriotism, since one of its ‎most dangerous effects is the consecration of sectarian tension, And ‎the threat to the consistency of the homogeneous Iraqi society, and ‎the need to preserve the gains of the Personal Status Law No. 188 ‎of 1959, if it was changed based on Article 41 of the Constitution, ‎which indicated that citizens are free in their personal status, but all ‎these rights and guarantees provided to women under this law are ‎subject to violation If the draft amendment to the Iraqi Personal ‎Status Law No. 188 of 1959 was approved, which the House of ‎Representatives intends to put forward, which ignores all these ‎guarantees in terms of the permissible age in the marriage contract, ‎especially with regard to the girl, child custody, second marriage, ‎and even with regard to the wife’s inheritance, this causes The bitter ‎reality of Iraq's economic, social, political, security and health ‎environment has led to the emergence of new forms of violence ‎against women and girls, whether in the family or society, all of ‎which necessitated conducting recent studies to address these ‎forms of growing violence that affected women more than all other ‎groups. affected by these changes

Keywords: Women, Protection, Violence.