RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 7 Area: Sociology

Djamel Ben MERAR & Nassira MELLAH
This article aims at defining this new science of geopolitics, which is supposed, because of the compositional printer, to call a number of sciences to confirm through this that it is a science that is not compared to the singular sciences, but rather to the systems of sciences. Geography and the spatial extent have the role that money and productive relations play in Marxism and liberalism, and to geography and place the founding lines of human existence end. With the spatial extent, which arose and its requirements were formed within a distinctive peculiarity, which is the geographical terrain of the place, and this is what is embodied in particular by the great manifestations of man such as countries, ethnicities, cultures and major civilizations. Geopolitics to ideology, its basic premises and subject matter It is based on references working on issues of a wide range such as strategic planning, and from its geopolitics. This new science is the science of power and for the sake of power, and those who studied it were those who participated in the rule of countries and nations. In the contemporary world, it represents a guide for a man of power that should be taken into account when making global decisions. Fateful, such as making alliances, distributing forces, waging wars, carrying out reforms or economic and political measures, and thus geopolitics is the science of governance.

Keywords: Geopolitics; Foundations; Distribution of Forces; International Relations; The System.

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