RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 6 Area: Art and Design

Waleed Muhammad Mahdi ISSA
The research discussed the analytical approaches that fall into the essence of product design analysis process, and the research focused on six basic approaches to analysis of industrial product design: (formal analysis method, functional analysis approach - pragmatism, structural analysis approach, semiotic analysis approach, Marxist analysis approach, and Anthropological analysis approach), and it was concluded that each of the proposed approaches intends to analyze industrial products based on the knowledge structure and intellectual references that define the approach. A set of conclusions were reached, the most important of which were: The process of analyzing industrial products is in fact a complex process, and it needs a lot of knowledge references to analyze the design product based on the fact that the design product is a complex entity and thus needs a comprehensive system that combines the proposed approaches to form a comprehensive approach to analyzes Industrial products according to it.

Keywords: Method, Analysis, Industrial Design.

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