RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 6 Area: Art and Design

Zainab Abd Ali MUHSEN
The fashion is the interface of the world for human communication and the overlap of cultures, and globalization in contemporary fashion can have a positive impact as it is important in the development of design and executive awareness to achieve the job through economic and cultural development, stressing that the role of the contemporary designer artist is the continuous communication between the global heritage and the new visions used in the present and the aesthetics of design. Fashion and clothing are considered as the language full of symbols, which reflects the (identities) of human societies, because of the different environments in which they are present, as the costume is the title of world cultures as each environment of the world has special costumes that distinguish it, although it shares the fact that it is inspired by the traditional heritage of that region, and expresses the environment in which women live, and this is reflected in many forms of executive model technology carried by different costumes. Although they vary from region to region due to the demographics of the environment, tastes are multiplied by media communication with different peoples and civilizations. They are any costumes that tell the history of human beings from the beginning to the present. In recent times, a phenomenon has emerged characterized by a return to heritage and typical.

Keywords: Contemporary Media, Fashion, Civilizations.

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