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Iman Ghazi ALI


Islam is the religion of virtuous morals, praiseworthy characteristics, and lofty principles, and not only Islam, but all divine religions and divine laws enjoin justice, benevolence, courage, generosity, forbearance, honesty, and patience, in addition to enjoining the worship of God, the One and Only, and referring to Him and uniting Him in worship. From this point of view, all that was contained in the speech of the Arabs before Islam, urging people to believe in God and return to Him, encouraged the creation of virtuous morals and human values, whether this speech was prose or poetry, because it is considered one of the religious features in general and Islamic in particular, and therefore I thought to highlight The light on some of these values and principles in the poetry of the Arabs before Islam, and that was the main reason for writing this research. This research was divided into an introduction and two sections. As for the introduction, I introduced the definition of the word “features” and clarified its meanings and derivation, and then divided what remained into two main sections based on two important aspects, the doctrinal side, from the command to worship God Almighty alone and belief in death and resurrection after death, and urging righteousness and benevolence and other matters that are counted on the side dogmatic. As for the second topic, I devoted it to other moral values, such as forbearance, patience, honesty, chastity, generosity, and other moral values and lofty principles, and other things that the Arabs used to do in word and deed.

Keywords: Islamic Features, Pre-Islamic Poetry, Honorable Manners, Pre-Islamic Poetry