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Zahraa Yassin ALWAN


Women are regarded as one of the most significant parties contributing to the achievement of sustainable development, and they play a role that is equal to that of men in identifying solutions to sustainable development challenges and assisting with initiatives for a sustainable future. This is because the role of women in many parts of the world is no longer undervalued. Addressing these issues and other challenges, which are reflected in the new sustainable development goals, which include "achieving gender equality and empowering all women," necessitates the concerted efforts of all concerned parties, including governments, the private sector, civil society, international organizations, and members of the research community in the country. The research hypothesis was launched from this foundation. (The welfare of society rises whenever the best use is made of natural and human resources, equal work is carried out, and be lieve in women's skills is seen as one of the fundamental prerequisites for attaining the effective development agenda, and vice versa). The research was divided into three main topics to order to test the research's main hypothesis. The first topic was represented by a theoretical framework divided into two axes. The first axis dealt with what sustainable development is based on the texts and resolutions of the United Nations, while the second axis dealt with the role of Arab women in achieving successful sustainable development. The second topic referred to the practical side of the research, while the third topic dealt with the theoretical side. The third subject dealt with a statement of several conclusions and suggestions that are consistent with the study hypothesis. The second axis is concerned with a statement of the future vision of this job.

Keywords: Sustainable Development, Iraqi Women.