Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 5   Area: Religious sciences

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M. Dr. Zahra Ali Abbas ALWAN


Al-Rabee 'bin Anas al-Bakri, one of the narrators of hadith, and one of the most famous scholars and exegesis was among the followers, Basri descended Khurasan, Saduq had illusions, died in 139 AH and it was said: 140 AH. See: "Taqree 'al-Tahdheeb," p. 205, (1882), and "The Most Popular Scholars of Al-Amsaar," p.126. 1- His academic standing did not prevent him from seeking knowledge. 2- Appropriates from giving 3- From the political point of view, he has strong and solid positions in advocating for truth and the approval of scholars, especially regarding the fitnah of Ibn Al-Ash'ath. 4- The era in which he lived is considered the era of prosperity in science and knowledge. The Islamic state expanded, sectarian sects emerged, exegetical schools arose, and the people´s need to understand the Holy Qur´an of God increased. 5- A visual spring is an Iraqi that compelled him to preserve his religion, to flee to Khurasan and hide for long years, if this 6- indicates something, it indicates the depth of his religion and its firmness in knowledge. 7- He followed his method of interpretation, the interpretation of the Qur´an by the Qur´an, the interpretation of the Qur´an by the Sunnah, and the interpretation of the Qur´an with the sayings of the Companions, then with the sayings of his sheikhs from the followers, such as Abu Al-Aliya Al-Riahi, may God have mercy on him

Keywords: Rabih Bin Anas, The Quran, Interpretationn