Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Art and Design

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Zahraa Hazem MOHAMMED, Harith Asaad ABDULRAZZAQ


The interior space design process involves numerous processes to get the intended result, and several approaches and tools, most notably interactive design and its techniques as an interactive tool within the design process, can be included in this process. which has a significant impact on his senses, laying the interactive foundations in commercial settings, both technically and in terms of design concepts. This serves the designer's intended goal in the interior spaces of cosmetics brand stores. In addition, the representations connected with the steps of the design process for these methodologies show the design's success and identify the technological progress that is being made. that is occurring and thus benefit the owners of the space and achieve visual pleasure for the user, With what it creates from a sensory and physical interaction that is intertwined in design and function through materials employed in such as interactive surfaces and other advanced techniques that ensure a more interactive design with the customer experiences, thus the success of the idea and the purpose of our interior design at a more advanced and perfected level As a result, the first chapter of our current study deals with the research problem, its objectives, its limitations, and the definition of its terms. The research sample was also represented by the brand stores of cosmetics, and after reviewing the previous studies and building the theoretical framework, the research dealt with three axes, the first (mechanisms of employing interactive design in the interior space), the second (the concept of interior design for commercial space) and the third (representations of the interactive foundations in the process commercial space design). After building the theoretical framework and extracting the indicators, the analysis form for the research axes was built to be analyzed in the light of it. In the fourth chapter, a set of results, conclusions and recommendations were extracted. ‎

Keywords: Interactive Design, Design Process, Interior Space.