Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Literature

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Nibras Hussein MAHAWESH, Balsam Abbas HAMMOODI


Praise be to God, creator of the universes, creator of man, great in affair and benevolence, prayers and peace be upon the last of the prophets and messengers, the truthful Muhammad, his good and pure family, and upon those who followed his guidance in goodness until the Day of Judgment. Immemorially, man has realized that he cannot communicate with others in what is going on in his mind except by linking the utterance with the meaning that he wants to express. This realization has developed gradually to be precise and specific frameworks which attracted the attention of the language scientists in a way discovering the secrets and explaining the relationships and links among their parts. Thus, the science of grammari is based on the utterance and the meaning together. Accordingly, we studied the integrity of meaning in the light of modern linguistic approaches. The research includes a preface entitled: “The concept of meaning in ancients and modernists”. It also has six axises, the title of the first: the descriptive approach in the integrity of meaning, the second: the functional approach in the integrity of meaning, the third: the normative approach in the integrity of meaning, the fourth: the transformative and generative approach in the integrity of meaning, the fifth: the contrastive approach between Arabic and English in the integrity of the meaning, and the last one was: the deliberative approach in the integrity of the meaning. We concluded the research with a set of results mentioned in the conclusion.

Keywords: Integrity, Meaning, Approach.