Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Education

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Rola Abd Al-Rahman ALKHARRAZ


This article seeks to research the concept of inclusion from the perspectives of inclusive education and special education, and aims to identify the concept of inclusive education and special education and the concept of inclusion through them. I used the descriptive approach to suit the nature of the study, in order to identify the study problem, which is the answer to the study’s question, In order to identify the problem of the study, which is the search for integration through inclusive education and special education. Through the analytical study, I concluded that inclusive education is the education that does not exclude anyone, regardless of the individual differences, difficulties, abilities and disabilities they face and that meets the individual needs of each of them. Special Education also considers the concept of inclusion as the social and academic integration of children with special needs and normal children in regular classrooms, even for a certain period of time in the school day. At the level of the Ministry of Education, since its establishment, it has taken care of students with disabilities, so it established the Special Education Department for them, within the General Administration of Education. Inclusive education is about changing the education system to meet the needs of students, which requires identifying and addressing barriers in the educational environment. As for special education, it expresses that there is a special group that needs care different from the normal group, and the concept of special education tends to look at the problem as if it exists within the child himself and not within the educational system. The needs of inclusive education are the individual needs. Each individual has a distinct personality, different talents, and different ways of learning from others. There are individual differences between individuals. Psychological and social needs are among the most important factors that help a person adapt to society. And the educational needs of students, inclusive education by providing the necessary support for students with learning difficulties. The health needs of students, health services are one of the concerns that many countries give to their residents because of their great impact on community health. There are several difficulties in achieving inclusive education: the difficulty of identifying the educational needs of students with disabilities, the difficulty of achieving their psychological needs, the difficulty of using educational facilities and facilities available for people with special needs, the difficulty of achieving the purpose for students with special needs. In light of the descriptive method that I used in the current study, and the results I reached for each question of the study, I recommend: • Integrating people with special needs into a supportive classroom environment while meeting the educational, psychological and social needs of everyone. • Education must provide the necessary capabilities, programs, and services that are in line with the abilities and capabilities of people with special needs and help them overcome the problems they encounter. • Provide activities and programs continuously for this category to develop their cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills.

Keywords: Special Education, Inclusive Education