Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 5   Area: Religious sciences

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Mohamed SALAH


There were many attempts in the past decades to facilitate Arabic Grammar as it has many difficulties. These attempts were not all of a sudden or on second thought, but it has an ancient history. One of these historical attempts is Zahiri Approach, Zahiri Approach is a jurisprudential and grammatical school. Considering all of these attempts, it was noticed that these attempts are based on inherited legacies. By searching in theses inherited legacies, we reach to these attempts removing all the obstacles and suspicions. This research aims to introduce Zahiri School of jurisprudence and grammar to explain the differences between facilitation, renewal, reform, and revitalization of Arabic grammar, clarify scientific principles adopted by the scholars as a basis for their facilitations, innovations, and reforms, and explain impact of Zahiri Approach on some recent attempts to facilitate Arabic Grammar. The research used both historical and comparative approaches to reach these goals, consider the attempts of Zahiri Approach (jurisprudential and grammatical school) and reach assets of these attempts. Most important results of the Research; the point that was considered by preachers of facilitation as the greatest fault in Arabic Grammar, which they unanimously fought it, is demolishing this foundation resulting the demolition of most important rule of Arabic Grammar. All of preachers of facilitation building their opinions and theories on this basis (factors theory) as they specify reason or cancelling the factor. This reason is also a factor; they cancel factor by another factor.

Keywords: Zahiri Approach, Arabic Grammar, Grammatical School.