Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Media and Communication

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The applications of traditional mass communication theories are no longer in line with the changes of the age and modern technology, especially after the emergence of the model of communication and multimedia networks, which mainly explains the phenomenon of modern communication from the perspective of human relations between individuals and societies; These new phenomena made it imperative for media scholars to take into account the concept of human responsibility in the contents of its messages, and to reconsider the media rules that need to be reconfigured, to be in harmony with the new media reality and its development, through the media bearing its responsibility towards the world and its members and framing its policies with humanitarian responsibility in its intellectual value framework. This calls media experts and practitioners to question. Do we really need a media theory of human responsibility?? It protects the human being from value penetrations, changing behaviors, and influencing the opinions and ideas of the recipients, along with social, health and psychological influences. The development of communication technology has opened up the global space and limited the ability of systems and governments to restrict the freedom of information transfer, expression of opinion, or openness to others?. ‎

Keywords: The Media, The Jordanian Media, Humanitarian Responsibility