Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 5   Area: Historical Studies

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Azhar Ahmad Hamdan AL-TAMIMI


Muslims have been interested in the science of history to preserve theirgenealogy, and the news was first narrated verbally, narrated by its owners about those who saw it, participated in it and saw it from other narrators who contacted its early origins through contemporary, and the Muslims ´need for history increased after the migration and took the immigration incident as the beginning of the history of the state of Islam and adopted the lunar calendar. In the Arab months, scholars emerged who were most interested in setting the rules and conditions that must be taken into account when dealing with any historical event.The Islamic approach to dealing with the events of Islamic history stems from Islam´s perception of the universe, life and man. It is based on the pillars of faith in the Islamic religion and is based on an understanding of behavior in the first Islamic society. The works and curricula of historians and researchers are based on adherence to the Islamic faith. Each scientist has special rules and foundations. In the methodology of the research and that the choice of the subject of the research or study must be new that has not previously been touched upon and that it be a problem that has its real existence in the past reality and that it has its meaning and significance in relation to the total historical history and that they seek to collect reliable sources and then work to verify these documents. Imam al-Tabari is considered A note from among the leaders of Muslims who established a sound methodology in tracking news and narrations to verify accidents and traffic.

Keywords: Historians, Altubriu, Characteristics of Historians ´Methodology, Historical Criticism.