Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Art and Design

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Nsiyf Jassem MOHAMMED


In the midst of economic and consumer competition between companies and industrial ‎institutions, graphic design emerges as an active actor in the sustainability of the ‎advertising and media cycle alike, a role that would not have been important without the ‎tireless work carried out by designers in various design activities, especially after entering ‎into the digital experience. He benefited from it and kept pace with the new ‎developments of quality, and it is useful to point out that the motives of digital ‎development have reinforced the values that the design worked on, and today it is ‎witnessing many transformations in a digital world that is constantly evolving, ‎transformations related to the core of the designer’s work and what he offers in work ‎sites based on Decades of traditional experiences that designers have been working with, ‎and the trend towards traditions and modern digital frameworks that have been ‎reinforced by the increase in related digital applications and software in a remarkable ‎qualitative shift that indicates an important stage in the design process that extends to ‎centuries of work and technical development.‎ The current research explores some of the turning points of this procession with ‎important articulated transformations, based on the question that:‎ What is the status of graphic design in the age of digital transformation? The ‎importance of the research lies in the following:‎ ‎-Theoretical dimension: It can be useful in enhancing the theoretical framework of the ‎graphic design process and the transformations it has witnessed in the digital age.‎ ‎-Applied dimension: it can benefit those interested and working in the matter of graphic ‎design, and the research aims to: Identify the problems of graphic design in the age of ‎digital transformation. The theoretical framework includes the following topics:‎ ‎-What is digital transformation?‎ ‎-A brief history of graphic design ‎-Graphic design from traditional to digital The impact of digital technologies on graphic design.

Keywords: Transformation, Digital, Graphics, Digital Applications.