Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 5   Area: Art and Design

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Nsiyf Jassem MOHAMMAD


It is admirable for design and designers to deal with events and to reveal a lot of what they see as interesting, and this is not new, because all the events that humanity has experienced have been the best resource for design, especially those that take a global public character, and our world today is witnessing one of several events that had an impact The spread of (Coronavirus) is an important event, and the design and related companies had a presence in expressing some of the requirements to prevent it and limit its spread, and this was accompanied by many health names, from That social distancing, which is described as one of the ways that can enhance the preventive role, that is why some international companies considered a position that is important in making minor changes to the structures of their brands as a formal, semantic portable that directs people to preserve their lives, as well as expressing a kind of solidarity with people Especially those who are injured. The current research talks about the graphic design and the concept of social distance that was commonly heard in the Corona crisis, or what is called social distancing, based on the question that: Has the graphic design played a role in promoting the values of social distance in light of the health pandemic, and the importance of the research lies in the following: - Theoretical dimension: It can be useful in strengthening the theoretical framework of the graphic design process and the healthy value promotion it witnessed in light of the Corona crisis. - Applied dimension: it can benefit those interested and working in the matter of graphic design, and the research aims to: Know the graphic design and the concept of social distance in light of the health crisis, and for the importance of the research puts the following keywords: Graphic design, social distance, corona pandemic The theoretical framework includes the following topics: -The concept of social distance -Design and concept -Designers during a pandemic.

Keywords: Graphic Design, Social Distance, Corona Pandemic