Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Media and Communication

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Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Shemsi AL-HAMMADI


The term "media globalization" came as an extension of the vision of the famous Canadian communications (Marshall McLuhan) to transform the world into a global village, and that the idea appeared to be media, but it branched out to include the various aspects of life, warning of colonialism of a new type adopts American culture occupies the mind and conscience through which the objectives and interests of the invading state. The researcher was able to determine the objectives of the research through some of the questions: 1. Since American culture holds 65% of the world's information material, does not it have the right to dominate the whole world? Especially since its content contains the American values and principles that they always "broadcast" such as freedom and human rights. 2. Has globalization "American" media turned into itself? 3. Why do advocates of "American" media globalization want to be in one direction? 4. Why are the advocates of globalization, "American" media spying on the Internet and locking websites? 5 - How to achieve globalization, "America" and America raise the slogan of either be with us or against us? 6. How has the modern Turkish national media been able to counter the global media offensive against Turkish national development? 7. Is it not the right of the peoples of the Arab Spring revolutions to have media that protects their societies - from their and most reluctant governments first - and secondly from the media "American" globalization that tries to use those achievements for subversive purposes? The researcher chose the descriptive approach in the survey studies, based on the personal observation and follow-up of the materials and programs of many media in different Arab and Islamic countries, it turns out that globalization or "America" carries a culture (Western American) invade the cultures of other societies, A new colonial orientation

Keywords: National Media, America, Freedom of Expression