Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Law

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Lyan Hazim SAEED


Environment is the medium where man lives and is the source for his presence, continuity, security, and livelihood. Enjoying human rights is conditioned on the availability of a sound, healthy, and sustainable environment. However, due to many factors, including technological advancement, negative man behaviours, and wars, the environment has deteriorated and become a risk-carrying medium, with increase in environmental disasters, number of environmental refugees, desertification, pollution, and conflicts between members of the human race. All of these risks threaten security of humans, society, state, and the whole world. Thus, the relationship between environment, development, and security is complementary and intertwining. A safe, healthy environment guarantees both man security and national security, which leads to world security. If the environment is neither healthy nor safe nor suitable, man's health, conduct, production, and development will be directly affected. Lack of environmental security is reflected in man security, being one of the six elements composing it. Sustainable development and the environment affect each other as the latter is only complete when there is sustainable development in all social, economic, and cultural aspects. Like with the environment, the development needs the presence of a combination of factors to achieve man security so that human societies would be able to fulfil their human needs in accordance with a specified legal way, as the protection and empowerment of people is the outcome of the role which human development may play as a comprehensive and multi-dimensional developmental framework. If countries do not make legislations that keep human security, limit environmental displacement, and serve the goals of sustainable development set out by the United Nations, the result will be an environmental migration that impacts, in various forms, the levels of sustainable development and concepts of human security.

Keywords: Humanitarian Security, Environmental Security, Development, Environmental Migration.