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Mohammed BENADDI


Like other cities, the city of Tlemcen enjoyed a distinguished geographical location that was evident in the prosperity of economic life, as well as the diversity of social life, where the Tlemcen society knew several different and distinct population groups and classes that had their impact and presence on the general situation in Algeria throughout the ages and the Ottoman period in particular. The student of the history of Tlemcen during the Ottoman era faces a number of difficulties in covering the history of this region during the Ottoman era, including the lack of scientific source material that dates it, especially if the subject is related to the economic and social aspects. In the face of this scarcity of scientific material, the researcher resorts to knocking on the door of archival documents, which are among the most important sources that allow the historian and researcher to investigate facts about this city, including what relates to crafts and industries, commercial exchanges, agricultural and agricultural activity, as well as customs, traditions, celebrations, and sales and purchase contracts. Marriage, inheritance...etc. The documents represent one of the most important sources against which the nature of economic and social activity in Tlemcen during the Ottoman period is measured in order to extract historical facts. Even more than that, these models of Ottoman documents allow us to delve deeper into the extent of the repercussions of these two activities on the general situation. In Tlemcen, despite the difficult political and military conditions that Tlemcen experienced during this era. On the other hand, archival documents are important in codifying history with a scientific methodology to ensure the diversity of visions and dissertations through the historical material contained in these documents, and the raw material from which the historian derives the facts on which the historical discourse is based, because it is the material evidence of them, in addition to providing new data. For historical writing and giving a regional and international dimension to Algerian historical studies in general and Tlemcen in particular

Keywords: Archival Documents, Economy, Tlemcen Community, Ottoman Era