Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Historical Studies

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Muhammad Yasin AL-MASHHADANI


Ibn Khaldun mentioned in his introduction the truth of livelihood and earning and what is the value of human works, I know that man lacks his nature to his strength and supplies in all stages since his inception to his adulthood, and what he got from this hand refrained from the other except mosquitoes, so that he would spend what God has done from them, in collecting his needs and necessities by paying for them. Then I know that the gain is by seeking acquisition and the intention to earn a living. The objects and types of pension depend on what the investigators meant by the people of literature and wisdom, they said: "The pension is an emirate, trade, agriculture and industry." The emirate is based on the method of earning and earning stipends on the royal levies and their people to obtain a pension, and the trade depends on the transfer of goods from one country to another in order to obtain profit, which is the difference between the value of buying and selling. With regard to farming, it is the profession of hard work, fatigue and misery to obtain a natural pension, as approved by Ibn Khaldun. With regard to industry, she is the one with the knowledge and knowledge to collect a natural pension. With regard to the types of human services to earn a pension, they depend on their method and their provision to the people on social conditions, because the service in the other doors of the emirate and the king who is his way, from the soldier, the policeman and the writer, and who take care of their livelihood from the house of money of the king, sultan or state, and the owners of money and the jah, take care of his servants out of their own money to carry out the work they need. With regard to people with weak minds, they are looking for treasures buried underground to obtain a pension, and in this sense they do not want to make effort and tired to earn

Keywords: Ibn Khaldun, Introduction, Pension, Livelihood