Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Literature

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Ihsan Hadi Ahmed ALDULAIMI‎


The great Turkish poet Ahmed Arif is considered one of the important poets in Turkish ‎literature in the 20th century. He was born in Diyar Bakr on 23rd of April 1923 and died on 2nd ‎of June 1991 in Ankara. Through his life that lasted for 68 years, he published one book about ‎poetry. It was considered the best book to be published in Turkey which makes him different ‎from any other poet.‎ Death as a fact and part of our nature is considered the end of life. The separation of ‎the soul from the body is inevitable. It is impossible that a man can be born again after his ‎death. Hence, there was a great discussion about the nature of our life and the existence of ‎death throughout the whole history of human beings. Specifically, the scientists, philosophers, ‎and thinkers, made scientific activities over humanity and death and what would happen after ‎it. The poets are among the groups who express their opinion concerning this subject arousing ‎different new point of views in their comments and thoughts. The nature of the poem is to ‎think differently and explain it differently too resorting to symbolic language. Hence, the ‎exposition of the beliefs difficult to be understood through poetry and literature create a ‎genuine overflow of thoughts. Ahmed Arif is one of the well-known poets by his valuable ‎thoughts in this subject.‎ I decide to introduce a detailed explanation about life of the great Turkish poet ‎Ahmed Arif as well as his literary orientation and poem. Among his poems, we introduce ‎some information about death and life after death through which I browse all the poems by ‎Ahmed Arif who is considered one of the important poets in Turkish literature in the 20th ‎century‎.

Keywords: Ahmed Arif, Turkish Literature, Death, Death and Beyond‎.